A micro fridge is for those interested in keeping food and drinks cool in a compact package that doesn’t take up a lot of room.  Of the models available there is a clear divide between those that are best for storing snacks and drinks and those that get cold enough for regular groceries like milk.  Some are even portable capable of being powered by a 12V battery including the power outlet in your vehicle.  Still others warm as well as cool.

Danby Designer 3.0 Cu. Ft. Micro Fridge Full View

When searching for a micro fridge you may notice that these models are known by other names including mini fridge, small refrigerator, and compact refrigerator.  They range in size from about 5.0 cu.ft. down to about 0.5 cu. ft.  On the larger size, these fridges can function much like your refrigerator at home just with less space while on the smaller size they are only designed for beverages.  A micro fridge may include a small freezer compartment separate from, but within the confines of the micro refrigerator.

In order to buy the right fridge you must consider its intended use, how large a mini fridge you need, and even the style you’re looking for.

Portable micro fridges are popular to take to campgrounds, sporting events, and picnics.  The drawback of a portable model is that it can’t keep food as cold as your home refrigerator.  It can however keep food somewhat cold for short periods when other cooling methods are not available.  They most often run off 12V battery power which can drain a battery quickly if you’re not careful.  Thermoelectric models of portable fridges can also be used to warm as well as cool.

Some compact refrigerators can be noisy which at best can be annoying in a small space and at worst may keep you awake or drive you mildly crazy.




The freezer sections of some small fridges can be problematic in that they make it difficult to balance the temperature between the refrigerator section and the freezer section.  You may find yourself working hard to keep food from freezing in the fridge and melting other foods in the freezer.

Our focus in this article is a small fridge type that is typically used a dorm refrigerator or in offices, rec rooms, small apartments, and anywhere a small fridge is needed.  These types of mini fridges are relatively portable, but are most often used in a single location once transported.

These locations all have one thing in common; limited space.  Let’s face it, we all would like to have a large refrigerator/freezer for its features and storage capacity, but in a limited space, it’s just not possible.

The “sweet spot” of compact refrigerators is in the 1.6 to 4.0 cu.ft. range.  These refrigerators are capable of keeping food of all types cold, but are still small enough to fit most applications.

Our favorite small refrigerators have separate freezer and refrigerator sections that make it easier to control the temperature between the two.  Take a look at this versatile compact fridge and see if it’s just what you’re looking for!


Danby DCRM31BSLDD 3.0-Cu. Ft. Micro Fridge

Danby Designer 3.0 Cu. Ft. Micro Fridge Open View

If space is at a premium for you, then the Danby DCRM31BSLDD micro fridge may just be the perfect model.  It performs much like your home fridge only in a more compact footprint.  The separate freezer and refrigerator compartments make controlling freezing and cooling temperature easier and the partial automatic defrost makes defrosting a breeze.  Take a look at all of its great features.


Micro Fridge: Features

  • Separate fridge and freezer compartments
  • Energy Star rated
  • A full 3.0 cu. ft. of storage space
  • Fully adjustable thermostat
  • Partial automatic defrost
  • Reversible door for easy placement
  • Spotless Steel finish has all the benefits of stainless without the fingerprints and smudging
  • Interior lighting
  • Tall bottle storage area
  • Clear vegetable crisper with easy-clean glass shelf
  • Smooth-back space saving design
  • Long 18-month limited parts and labor warranty
  • Compact dimensions of 18-7/8 x 20-7/8 x 33-1/16 inches 


  • Performs like a home fridge
  • Freezer works great
  • 3.0 cu. ft. is the perfect compact size
  • Nice looking fridge 



  • No specific problems with this model noted



Micro Fridge 


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