You’re looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts, but you’re not looking for “cheap” gifts.  You want a Christmas gift that friends and family will truly like and are also a good value.  We sympathize with you.  It’s not easy to find inexpensive Christmas gifts that offer both real value and are something somebody would actually want.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Roku Streaming Stick Main ViewJust because you’re interested in inexpensive Christmas gifts, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what your friend or family member would really like.  Think about their interests.  What they do mostly or wish they were doing mostly should give you at least a category of Christmas present ideas to explore.

To help you out, we have put together our list of 21 inexpensive holiday gifts mostly under $50 and all under $100 which contains a wide variety of great Christmas present ideas that anyone would want to have and use.  It includes everything from cool gifts to more utilitarian gifts, but one thing is certain, it contains gifts with great value for your dollar.

Whoever you’re buying gifts for, we’re sure you will find something they’ll love on our list.


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Some of the gift categories covered by our list include Electronics, Kitchen and Dining, Travel, Tools, Outdoor Fun, Health and Beauty, Safety and Security, Candy, Beer Lovers, Gardening, and Automotive.





Take a look at our gallery of gifts and see if one of these inexpensive Christmas gifts would be the perfect one for your friend or family member!  Then just click on the picture to get more help with choosing the right model.

Here are our thoughts on the Christmas presents we’ve selected.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: For Techies

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Oucomi Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Main View

Everyone loves the new crop of Bluetooth portable speakers. And why not.  They produce awesome sound, are very easy to use, and make listening to music fun just about anywhere.  Friends and family will love the ability to share their music with others from virtually any Bluetooth-enabled music device.






Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Portable Battery Bank

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Anker PowerCore 10000 Battery Bank Main ViewHow many times have you complained about it and heard your family complain about it.  We’re talking about the painfully short battery life of modern smartphones and other popular electronic devices.  The good new is that manufacturers are now delivering portable chargers capable of charging multiple devices several times before needing to be recharged themselves.  They’re compact so you can store them just about anywhere; even in your pocket, so that you never run out of talking and texting power.  Best of all they make a great budget gift that will get a lot of use.



Streaming Media Player

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Roku Streaming Stick Main ViewIf you haven’t been paying attention, cable and satellite TV providers are scrambling to find answers to the newest wave in HDTV accessories; the streaming media players.  They are by far the most popular new HDTV-related devices.  A streaming media player allows you stream TV shows and movies to your HDTV in Full HD 1080p quality mostly for FREE.  They are amazingly popular and if they don’t already have one, they will be glad you got one for them.








Personal Weather Station

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: La Crosse Technology Weather Station Main View

Everyone gets up in the morning and watch the news to find out the weather forecast to know what to wear to work and how to bundle the kids.  That news forecast won’t tell you what the temperature is at your exact location when you’re ready to leave the house.  That’s where a handy personal weather station comes in.  It will tell you the exact temperature at the moment you need to know it both outside and inside your house.  Many also will forecast the weather for you based on historical trends in your location.  Your family and friends will appreciate not having to guess and your kids will be able to choose their own clothes because they will be able to check the weather, too.

Cooks and Chefs

Personal Pizza Oven

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker Main ViewWho doesn’t like pizza, please raise your hand.  No hands?  I didn’t think so.  Everyone loves pizza.  The only problem is that having it delivered can really hit the wallet hard.  Now you can save your friends and family a lot of money, while giving them the ability to either make their own or properly cook frozen pizzas.  One of the most innovative products for the kitchen, the personal pizza oven crisps the crust and cooks the toppings separately to insure the perfect pizza-eating experience.  Friends and family will get great pizza every time right in their own kitchen with a personal pizza oven.




Non-Stick Baking Mat

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Timedeer Baking Mat Main ViewThere is a product out there for baking that few people have used and yet it is one of the best kitchen tools available.  It’s the non-stick baking mat.  Just put one of these in the bottom of a baking pan and say goodbye to burnt cookies or food sticking to the pan.  They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and help you bake like the experts on Top Chef.  Give your friends and family the ability to bake fish, chicken, cookies, candy, and other sticky foods with ease and better results than they’ve ever experienced.

Wrinkle Removers

Travel Steamer

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Taotronics Garment Steamer Main ViewWhether they travel a lot or just want to touch up clothes in a hurry at home, irons are rapidly being overtaken by garment steamers as the most popular way to remove wrinkles from clothing.  On the road, it’s great not getting to the hotel room only to find that there is no iron, the iron doesn’t work, or the iron is covered with some black goo rendering it unusable.  You can solve that problem by buying a travel garment steamer.  It’s really the traveler’s best friend, but it’s not just for the taking on trips.  It’s faster than getting out the clumsy ironing board and waiting for the iron to heat up.  Also, steamers don’t require an ironing board and their typically lighter and easier to store.  Make your friend’s or family’s travel experience better and more enjoyable by removing at least one of their headaches and give them a quick way to touch-up clothing at home.

MacGyver Types

Pocket Multitool

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Leatherman Micra Multitool Main ViewSwiss Army knives used to be the tool of choice for the MacGyver in all of us.  The new kid on the block is the handy multitool.  Multitools, like Swiss Army knives have many tools to deal with many of life’s little problems, but usually come with more tools and aren’t as focused on knives.  Everyone should consider carrying one of these lifesavers with them in their pocket or purse just for that one moment when they become indispensable.  Your friends or family might not use it everyday, but when they need it, they will be forever in your debt.  Take some of the drama out of life and give them a multitool.

Outdoor People

Picnic Backpack

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Picnic Backpack Main ViewOne thing we all don’t do enough is have a picnic in the park.  There is probably nothing more romantic and more fun than a picnic in the park with the one you love.  The problem is putting together everything for a picnic and transporting it to the park.  A picnic backpack includes everything you need to have a great picnic.  All you have to provide is the food. Now you can give your friends or family all the romance of a picnic for two or more with none of the pain.






Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Letbefuna LB002-8x21 Binoculars Main ViewWe all take vacations and when we do we pack everything under the sun.  We try never to forget a camera, but we never think to take one piece of equipment that will help us enjoy the panorama and views of our destination.  Many, many sights show up on a vacation trip that you wish you could see more closely, but they’re just too far away.  That’s what a nice set of binoculars is for.  If you get the right model, it can be waterproof and compact, just right for any sort of adventure.  Your friends or family will be able to tell you even more about their next vacation thanks to your great gift.

Health and Beauty Conscious

Spa Gift Basket

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Pink Peony Spa Gift Basket Main View

Few can afford to take a personal spa trip every month or maybe even every few months.  You can give a personal home spa trip she can use without even leaving the house.  Great for relaxing and pampering between spa visits, gift baskets are available to give them all the ingredients for their own personal spa experience.  Your friends or family will appreciate the thoughtfulness of getting a gift or relaxation and beauty.





Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Qell Yoga Starter Kit Main ViewYoga Starter Kit

It seems like life becomes more stressful with every passing year.  Yoga has become very popular as people try to find ways to be healthier and reduce stress.  The question is how do you get started?  Should you go to an expensive trainer?  For those just getting started, one of the best ways is with a Yoga starter kit.  It includes instructions and everything they need to find out if they are a Yoga person.  Give your friends or family relief from the stress of their busy lives and some great exercise as well.




Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Everlasting Comfort Orthopedic Seat Cushion Main ViewOrthopedic Seat Cushion

I think everyone knows at least one friend or family member who has some sort of back trouble.  It might be from the work they do or the uncomfortable chair they sit in at their desk for hours each day.  It’s hard to get relief short of buying an expensive chair or keeping up with chiropractor appointments.  No you don’t have to buy them an expensive chair or pay their medical expenses.  Just get them an orthopedic foam seat cushion.  It can make an amazing difference in the lives of back pain sufferers and it’s not just for chairs.  You can use them in the car, on a plane, at sporting events, and anyplace else you need better support and a softer seat.  This is one gift that doesn’t cost a lot, but can make a huge difference in the lives of your friends and family.



Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Shany Makeup Kit Main View

Makeup Kit

Women love makeup and many could be compared to skilled artists.  To say it another way, women can never have enough makeup.  Applying makeup is an art that requires artist tools and materials.  Why not get your favorite friend or relative their very own cosmetic makeup kit complete with everything they’ll need to make themselves and their friends beautiful?

Personal Protection Seekers

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Runt Stun Gun Main ViewStun Gun

When you think of personal security you may think of pepper spray, self-protection training, or even a firearm.  What you may not know is that there are personal stun guns capable of bringing down even large attackers with nearly a million volts of electricity?  The amazing part is that they’re about the same size as a small flashlight and run on batteries, so your friends or family can carry it with them wherever they go.  If you’re worried about the personal safety of friends or family walking out to their car, in a poorly lit parking lot or garage after work, then a stun gun may be the perfect gift.  It won’t really harm the attacker, but will render them helpless long enough for a quick escape.  Give the gift of safety and protection.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Go Pro Beer Brewing Kit Main ViewBeer Lovers

Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Beer many not be everyone’s beverage of choice, but many are.  They’re the beer lovers among your family and friends.  Give them a chance to impress you with their brewmaster skills by getting them their very own craft beer brewing kit.  Now, instead of trying to find the perfect craft beer for parties and get-togethers, they can make the perfect beer to taste.  Your friends and family may be talking the talk that they could make a better tasting beer than some of these startup craft breweries.  Let your friends or family own up and show you that they can make a better beer.  The bottom line is fun.  They can have fun during the process and then what better treat at the end than a bottle of their own beer?

Candy and Snack Lovers

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: GODIVA Assorted Belgian Chocolates Main ViewGODIVA Chocolate

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone love’s chocolate.  How does the saying go?  “Either you love chocolate or you’re wrong.”  Whether for a man or woman, whatever the question, chocolate always seems to be the answer.  I’m not talking about just any chocolate.  I’m talking about GODIVA.  Nothing says high-end gift like a box of GODIVA chocolates.  I’ve been to a GODIVA store and it’s pure decadence.  The flavor of GODIVA chocolate is like none other.  Get her or him some chocolate and watch their eyes light up.



Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Happy Time Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket Main ViewSnack Gift Basket

Some feel that gift baskets are a little impersonal because they don’t take much thought and I tend to agree, but some gift baskets are the exception.  If you’re friends or family like snacks, and who doesn’t, they will love getting a gift basket dedicated to the snack aficionado.  To top it off the snack baskets are very nicely done and will make a great impression.  Don’t let your friend or family member go another day without the proper munchies.


Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Ohuhu Garden Kneeling Bench Main ViewGardener Kneeling Bench

Gardening is a great hobby that is loved by millions.  It’s relaxing, reduces stress, and the results can be beautiful and bountiful.  Gardening can be a painful pastime because of its effect on the knees and back.  If you kneel on the ground, it hurts and after awhile it takes its toll.  Getting up and down a lot puts a lot of stress on your back and even if it doesn’t actually damage your back, it is certainly painful and can make you stiff for days after.  Now there is a great solution for your gardener that they will love and doesn’t cost a lot of money.  It’s a gardener’s kneeler bench and it serves two purposes in one.  It has upright handles to help you when getting up or kneeling down and it is padded to reduce knee pain.  Take care of your gardener and get them a kneeling bench for Christmas.

Golf Lovers

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Covasa Golf Putting Green Mat Main ViewAutomatic Putting Return Mat

What do golfers do on rainy days or days when they can’t go to the links?  They can practice their putting of course.  Putting into a cup or glass over an uneven carpet or hardwood floor can be a practice in frustration and bending over to retrieve the ball will simply kill you’re back.  Now they can practice their putting using their very own automatic ball return putting mat.  You may not be a golfer, but your friend or family member who is a golfer will totally understand what we mean.  Once you’re hooked on golf, it’s pretty much all you think about when you’re not engrossed in family activities or work.  Now they can feel like their spare moments aren’t wasted by practicing putting whenever they want.  Don’t be surprised if you hear that they’re waking up in the middle of the night to hit some putts.  They’re family might not love you, but you will be your golfer’s friend for life.

Motorsports Enthusiasts

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter Main ViewBattery Jump Starter

Whether your friend or family member owns a motorcycle, lawn tractor, ATV, personal watercraft, or classic car, the one thing they have in common is a battery.  These vehicles often sit idle for the winter season and during that whole time, their battery is dying.  So in the Spring, when your friend or family member goes to use their machine, it probably won’t start.  It doesn’t have to happen.  Get them a battery jump starter and they will be smiling in the Spring.


That’s our list with 21 great gifts for Christmas!  We hope you enjoyed it and found a gift for someone on your list!




Inexpensive Christmas Gifts



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