An Igloo portable ice maker can take the burden off your home refrigerator by providing extra ice for parties, family gatherings, or other group get-togethers.  In particular, an Igloo portable ice maker has the style, volume, capacity, and ice size selection to meet your ice making needs!

Igloo Portable Ice Maker: ICE-108RED Main ViewAn Igloo portable ice maker also has the reliability, durability, and quality to make sure you are still making all the ice you need for years to come.

What should you look for in a portable ice maker or countertop ice maker?

Bin Capacity

You should expect any portable ice maker you buy to have extra ice storage.  It won’t be refrigerated, so it’s only temporary, but it’s handy to have temporary storage while you make more ice in your ice maker.  Most portable ice makers can temporarily hold up to 2 lbs. of ice in their bins.

Ice Production

Ice production by an ice machine is measured in pounds of ice in each 24-hour period.  It’s an important measure because it tells you whether any ice maker you’re considering can handle your ice making needs.  You should expect any portable ice maker you’re considering, to produce around 25 lbs. of ice or more per 24 hours.


Not every ice maker, that calls itself portable, is easy to transport.  Look for an ice maker that meets you needs while still being compact and lightweight for easy transport to your event.


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Ice Cube Size

Depending on what you want to use the ice for determines the size of ice cube that is best for you.  Most modern portable ice makers, like an Igloo portable ice maker, can produce multiple ice sizes.  Having the flexibility to make different sized ice cubes lets you tailor the size to your individual needs.






We searched refrigeration forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, social media, customer review sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated ice machine.

Take a look at our choice and see if this top-rated portable ice maker is the best ice maker for your needs!


Igloo ICE108-RED Compact Ice Maker in Red

Igloo Portable Ice Maker: ICE-108RED Canted ViewThe Igloo ICE108-RED Compact Ice Maker in Red features ice production of 26 lbs. per day, dual ice cube size control, a nice sized ice bin of 1.5 lbs., and modern, soft-touch electronic controls with handy LED indicators.  Its compact and portable design has a flip-top lid for easy access and user-friendly technology that makes ice production easy and fast.  Easy to use, just plug it in, add water, and enjoy your ice.  No more going to the convenience store and paying exorbitant prices for ice.  This Igloo ice maker is the perfect companion for pool parties, cookouts, holiday gatherings, dorm rooms, and much more.  Curtis International produces this ice maker under the Igloo brand.


Igloo Portable Ice Maker: Features

  • Compact, lightweight, air-cooled condenser-based, 26 lbs. per day portable countertop ice maker
  • 2.3-quart reservoir
  • Nice styling and red color
  • Stores up to 1.5 lbs. of ice in its bin
  • Soft-touch electronic controls have handy LED indicators
  • Compact portable design with convenient flip-top lid for easy access
  • Makes small or large square ice cubes on demand
  • Weighs 19.85 pounds






Included Accessories

  • 1 – Ice scoop
  • 1 – Manual


Igloo Portable Ice Maker: ICE-108RED Open ViewCustomer Reviews

See Igloo ICE108-RED Compact Ice Maker in Red Customer Reviews >>>



  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Easy to fill and makes ice fast
  • Sturdy construction and materials
  • Makes plenty of ice per day



  • Bin not refrigerated so ice melts quickly
  • Some complaints of noisy operation


















Igloo Portable Ice Maker




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A portable ice maker is the perfect solution for parties and other events where you need more ice than your refrigerator can handle.  Igloo makes some excellent models that are compact and lightweight.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best Igloo portable ice maker for your needs!