What do you get for the car guy/car gal/wrench head that has everything?  A garage fridge is a great idea!  What is a garage fridge you ask?  In our mind, it’s not just a refrigerator designed to deal with the harsh conditions and temperatures of a shop or garage, it needs to look the part as well.

Garage Fridge: Versonel VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Refrigerator In Garage View

The perfect garage fridge would blend in with the surroundings and look like it belonged there.  That’s where a portable garage toolbox refrigerator comes in.  It looks exactly like a toolbox because it is partially a real toolbox.


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When it comes to compact refrigerators, nothing will look sharper in his garage than a toolbox that happens to be a small refrigerator.  Imagine walking into the shop, looking around, and only seeing toolboxes only to have your gear head open up one toolbox to reveal cold beverages.

Garage Fridge: Versonel VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Refrigerator Open ViewThey will be the talk of friends and the garage refrigerator will become their friends’ best friend.  It can store and cool every type of beverage available to a chilled temperature down to 32 degrees F.

They work hard in the garage making things, fixing things, and generally enjoying their craft.  The works not easy, but it is satisfying.  They need to have a compact fridge in there with them to make it easier to grab a cold one without having to lose their place.  But, don’t get them just any small fridge; get them one that they will be proud of and eager to show off to friends, neighbors, and family.  If they’re not into sharing, they can even hide their drinks where nobody will suspect.

Most quality toolboxes ride on wheels to make them easy to reposition in the shop or garage either close to the action or out of the way.  That’s equally true of a quality garage fridge.  Make sure the one you buy is truly portable with large swivel casters so that they can put it where they need it close to the work or out of the way.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a portable refrigerator with a fake painted door designed to look like a toolbox.  Sure they’re cheaper, but the problem is they look cheaper.  A true craftsman is known for their attention to detail and a cheap imitation of a toolbox is going to stick out like a sore thumb next to all those Snap-On boxes!






They say it never gets old asking for a “12 oz hydrator” from the bottom drawer!


We looked at the garage toolbox refrigerators available and found only one that has all the features you need, will look great in the garage, and is portable.


Take a look and see if our choice is the best garage refrigerator for your gear head!


Versonel VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator, 1.8 Cubic Feet, Fridge Red

Garage Fridge: Versonal VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Refrigerator Front ViewThe Versonel VSL18RTC3R Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator will inspire you with its all-metal construction outside, durable swivel castors, and useful tool drawers.  It doesn’t get any better than this Versonel toolbox fridge.  Don’t go into the house to get a cold one and lose your place in a complex project.  Roll that baby over to the work and grab that refreshing beverage without missing a beat!  You might even want to think about putting some of your most used tools in the drawers above the refrigerator so your tools and drinks are always handy!  Here are the main features of this truly remarkable compact toolbox fridge.


Garage Fridge: Features

  • Built-in 1.8 cu. ft. energy-efficient compact refrigerator designed to the harsh environment of shops and garages
  • Toolbox design will blend well with other toolboxes in your garage or shop
  • Durable all-metal construction, just like the big boys
  • Three real working, roller bearing-guided tool drawers provide extra storage for some of your most-used tools or beverage accessories
  • Large heavy-duty, front-locking swivel castors allow you to easily move this fridge anywhere you need a drink
  • 3-position adjustable shelf in the refrigerator allows you to setup your fridge exactly the way you want it
  • Refrigerator temperature range is 32 to 50 degrees F
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions are 17W x 18.75D x 31.69H inches and it weighs 71 lbs.





Customer Reviews

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  • Good looking design
  • Handsome addition to any garage
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Plenty of storage space



  • None noted



Versonel VSL18RTC3B Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator in Blue >>>






Garage Fridge Comparison Chart

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