You’re looking for a wine cooler or wine fridge like a Danby wine refrigerator for wine storage and you’re unsure which one to buy.  That’s totally understandable because of the wide selection of types and sizes.  You need to ask yourself one primary question in order to narrow the selection to a manageable size.

Do you really need a wine cooler?  One great reason to own a wine cooler like a Danby wine refrigerator is the value of your wine.  If you’re keeping an odd bottle of expensive wine around for just the right occasion and you’re not storing it properly, it might not taste like an expensive bottle when you finally open it.  Over time, wine bottles that are not properly stored will suffer damaged corks and ruined wine.  Especially very expensive wines are sensitive to their environment and for those you absolutely should have a Danby wine refrigerator.

Another good reason is if you keep aDanby Wine Refrigerator DWC93BLSCB 36-Bottle In-Home View number of bottles of wine around, expensive or not, that you plan to keep for 2 years or more without opening.  Just like expensive wine, any wine not stored properly for long periods will end up ruined.

What about get-togethers and parties?  Wine refrigerators, particularly lighted ones with a glass door, make a great statement about your love for wines, are really impressive, and can be a focal point of discussion.  Not to mention that your wines will always be kept at the perfect temperature.

For those totally new to storing wine, you might ask the question, can’t I just keep it in our refrigerator or mini-fridge?  No, you shouldn’t do that.

The ideal temperature range for wine is between 45 and 65 degrees F and the average refrigerator temperature is well below that.  Storing your wine in the refrigerator for a couple of months may be okay, but should not store them there for longer periods.  The colder temperature also means drier air and this can dry out a cork which in turn could damage the wine.  Whatever you decide, try to avoid rapid temperature swings from low to high temperature and try to keep your wine stored between 50-80 percent humidity level.




Is there anything else you should know?  Yes, another common enemy to wine is sunlight.  The UV rays of the sun can age wine before it’s time.  Wine is stored in dark bottles for a reason and you should also make sure that any wine cooler you choose protects your wine against UV light.

We found a great site that provides lots of information on wine coolers.  Be sure and check out when you have a chance.

Danby WIne Refrigerator DWC93BLSDB 36-Bottle Under Shelf ViewFreestanding, single zone wine coolers make a great first wine cooler or are an excellent choice for wine connoisseurs with a small collection.  They also make a great choice if your budget doesn’t allow the purchase of a more expensive model with more features.

You can put them almost anywhere in your home or specifically where you want to show off your beautiful collection.

Buying a wine cooler with room for 150 bottles to start off is not realistic for the novice or beginning wine collector.  While it’s true that your collection will probably build over time, it’s unlikely that it will build fast enough to make such an expensive investment worthwhile.

A good number that should handle your starting collection and give you some room to grow is around 40 bottles.  Of course only you know what your plans are and how fast you will grow your collection.

We like the Danby 36-bottle, glass-front, lighted wine cooler and think it definitely deserves your attention.  Read on to see if this standalone Danby wine refrigerator is the perfect place for your collection.


36-Bottle Danby Wine Refrigerator Model DWC93BLSDB

Danby Wine Refrigerator DWC93BLSDB 36-Bottle Full ViewThe Danby DWC93BLSDB 36-Bottle Free-Standing Wine Cooler has you covered when it comes to storing wine.  Your friends and family will be impressed by its beautiful blue LED lighting and its tempered glass door.  There probably isn’t any better way to show off 36 bottles of wine than this attractive stainless-steel front Danby wine refrigerator.  Here are some of its main features.

Danby Wine Refrigerator: Features

  • Beautiful, fashionable display uses a black casing, tempered glass, stainless steel, and striking interior lighting to show off your collection
  • 3.3 cu. ft. cooler holds 36 bottles of your favorite wines on black wire shelving units
  • Its tempered glass door has built-in UV protectant to keep damaging sunlight from harming your wine
  • Blue interior LED lighting gives your collection a cool ambiance
  • Place this effective, free-standing cooler anywhere you need it as you only need an outlet to use it
  • Keeps wine at your desired temperature between 43 and 58 degrees F
  • Door hinges easily reverse from one side to the other allowing you to fit the cooler perfectly the way you want it
  • The smooth back allows you to place the unit flush against the wall
  • Dimensions are 32.69H x 17.5W x 20.06D inches and it weighs 74 lbs.
  • Full 18-month warranty on parts and labor, with in-home service


  • Runs quietly
  • Great value
  • External temperature adjustment is handy
  • Beautiful display of bottles






  • Red wine broad-shouldered bottles only fit 4 per shelf
  • Plastic extenders on bottom make opening on carpet difficult
  • Temperature not even from top to bottom and may run too cold
  • Light control is on the inside





For more information about the Danby DWC93BLSDB 36-bottle wine refrigerator you can read the Product Manual or see the Product Specs.


Danby Wine Refrigerator


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