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Drink Refrigerator: 7 Fun Compact Beverage Refrigerators Keep Drinks Cold 2017

You could buy a simple drink refrigerator to keep your beer or soft drinks cold, but where is the fun in that?  Why not buy a drink refrigerator with some style that will enhance you family room, home office, cubicle, man
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Daewoo Refrigerator: Best Looking New Retro Style Compact Refrigerator

The retro craze is in full swing and nowhere is it more apparent than in appliances.  After all, if you’re going to embrace retro design, nothing says retro like carefully selected kitchen appliances.  Daewoo has applied new designs to many of
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Vintage Refrigerator: Best Classic Compact Retro Refrigerators

There is something about a 50’s-style vintage refrigerator that speaks of a bygone time where everything seemed to be made-in-America by companies that cared about quality and style.  A vintage refrigerator wasn’t simply a box…it had lines and colors and took a prominent role in
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Retro Refrigerator: Best Compact Retro Fridge 2017

You like the look of a retro refrigerator but, what’s available and which one should you buy? Your main idea is to get something for the rec room or bar that will allow you to store beverage cans and bottles for handy