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Beverage Fridge: Top Rated Small Beverage Refrigerator 2016

You’re looking for a beverage fridge, but you’re not sure which one to buy.  Beverage refrigerators come in two basic types; thermoelectric and compressor.  Thermoelectric models depend on the ambient temperature to determine how cold they can get while compressor-based fridges do
Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Cooler Featured Image

Wine Refrigerators: Top 5 Compact Wine Coolers 2017

You have several bottles of wine you want to keep at the perfect wine storage temperature and you know your refrigerator is not the solution.  Unless you have your very own wine cellar, your options are limited.  You need to consider
NewAir AW-181E Featured Image

Wine Fridge: Elegant Wine Cooler Keeps 18 Bottles Perfectly Chilled

You can’t put all the wine bottles you want to keep chilled in your refrigerator.  Not only does it not look cool to remove a bottle from your fridge, a regular fridge doesn’t keep your wine at the right temperature.  Instead,
Newair 126-Can Beverage Cooler Featured Image

Beverage Refrigerator: Top 5 Compact Beverage Coolers 2016

You need a way to keep drinks cold in your family room, TV room, or rec room, and a beverage refrigerator sounds like the perfect solution, but you’re not sure which cooler to buy. The biggest advantage of a small beverage