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Laboratory Freezer: Complete Lab Freezer Buying Tips

A laboratory freezer often protects valuable medical or scientific materials that may be the most valuable part of your lab operations.  With a function that important, the laboratory freezer you choose needs to be reliable, needs to have accurate, stable temperature
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Solar Freezer: Top 5 Compact Solar-Powered AC-DC Fridge Freezers 2018

There are many DC-powered portable fridge/freezers available and any one of them can be a solar freezer by virtue of the available solar kits to power them.  A compact solar freezer is a great asset whether you’re camping, RVing, off the beaten
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Small Deep Freezer:  Best Compact Chest Freezer 2016

First we have to determine what a small deep freezer means.  A compact freezer, mini freezer, or small freezer is one that isapproximately 5.0 cu.ft. or less. Okay, with that settled, what should you be looking for in a small deep
Danby DCF401W1 Featured Image

Small Freezers:  Top 7 Ice Cold Compact Chest Freezers 2017

First we have to determine which chest freezers qualify as small freezers.  Depending on their needs one person’s compact freezer could be another person’s large freezer. In general though a good rule of thumb is that any freezer 5.0 cu.ft. or less