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ARB Fridge: Durable, Efficient ARB Fridge Freezers Win Heat War

ARB Fridge: Durable, Efficient ARB Fridge Freezers Win Heat War An ARB fridge freezer is all about portability and performance.  An ARB fridge is arguably your best choice in a 12-volt refrigerator/freezer featuring a true compressor-based refrigerator and true 0-degree F freezer
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Camper Refrigerator: Portable Refrigerator Saves Camping Trip

It is important to keep perishable items like foods cool to preserve their usefulness. It is no wonder that many people are realizing that a portable camper refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment to have on any camping trip. This becomes
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Truck Refrigerator: Over-the-Road Trucker Fridge Buying Tips

Let me start off by saying that I am not an OTR trucker.  I hauled wheat four summers within states from Texas to Montana and that is the extent of my trucking experience.  I have spent a lot of time in
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Portable Refrigerator: Top 8 Portable Real Fridges 2018

You’re looking for a portable refrigerator, but you’re not sure which one to buy.  Your specific needs and how much you’re willing to spend will determine if you get a true portable refrigerator or just a cooler. This article takes a look
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12V Refrigerator: Top 5 Best Vehicle Coolers and Refrigerators 2018

A 12V refrigerator is a very handy companion to have whether you’re taking the boat out for the day, cruising to that picnic in the park, 4-wheelin’ it in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or any of a 100 other activities